Art Deco Home Theater

Art Deco Acoustic Panels in A Modern Theater

Art Deco Panel – “Chrysler – Standard”


Art Deco Design For Arched Panel

Art Deco Panel – “Chrysler – Custom”


Art Deco Theater- “Chrysler – Gray”


Art Deco Acoustic Panels With Two Tones

Art Deco Panel – “Deco A”


Understated Art Deco Panel

Art Deco Panel – “Deco B”


Art Deco Home Theater New York Theme

Art Deco Panel – “Deco New York”


Modern Art Deco Home Theater Panel

Art Deco Panel – “Vertical Horizons”


Frank Lloyd Write Inspired Art Deco Acoustic Panel

Art Deco Panel – “Wright Angle”


Art Deco Vintage Panel Art

Art Deco Panel – “Deco Ridge”


Art Deco Home Theater Lobby

Art Deco Home Theater Lobby

Acoustic Panels Featuring Art Deco Images

“We decided to use 3-D Squared for our basement theater because we needed acoustic panels but wanted something special with pictures that would really highlight our system.
The panels that we got from 3-D Squared create a dramatic entrance to the theater.

We had a very good experience working with 3-D Squared. They did what they said they were going to do, when they said they would do it. This was refreshing, since sometimes you can be leery about working with people on the internet, in terms of what you pay for and what you are going to get.

Everything worked out better than we expected because the pictures on the panels are more incredible-looking than what we imagined. I have already recommended 3-D Squared to numerous people.  Not only do their acoustic panels help with the sound of our home theater but they are breathtaking to look at.”

Karen R.

Wichita, KS

Art Deco is a style seen in art, architecture, sculptures and decorative patterns. It represents elegance, glamour and functionality. Most often, Art Deco will contain symmetrical balance to its linear construction. This symmetry naturally lends itself to Home Theater Design.

You can choose from several eclectic Art Deco wall panels for your Home Theater. The colors, sizes, and shapes of any of these designs can be customized to create a unique Home Theater that matches your chosen decor.

If you don’t see any designs that you like, please contact us to discuss how we can create a custom design just for you.