Home Theater Designs – The Benefit Of Professional Expertise

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Modern home theater design

Modern Home Theater Design – “California”


New York themed home theater design

Home Theater Featuring Panoramic Image of New York City


Underwater themed home theater design

Acoustic Panels Featuring Undersea Images


Contemporary media room design

Contemporary Media Room


Chicago sports themed home theater design

Chicago Sports Theme Home Theater


Contemporary Home Theater – “Metro”


Acoustic Panels Featuring Wine Barrel Images


Home Theater Featuring Panoramic Image of Redwoods


Guitar themed home theater design

Acoustic Panels Featuring Vintage Guitar Images


Landscape themed home theater design

Home Theater With Panoramic Colorado Image


Acoustic Panels Featuring Bryce Canyon Images



Acoustic Panels Featuring Sepia Toned Images of Africa


Modern Yet Rustic Home Theater


Panoramic home theater design

Media Room Featuring Panoramic Western Image


Tuscany themed home theater design

Tuscany Themed Home Theater


Custom home theater design

Home Theater Featuring Decorative Acoustic Panels


Modern art themed home theater design

Acoustic Wall Panels Featuring Abstract Mural


Forest themed home theater design

Home Theater In A Forrest

Designs For Your Home Theater

“We designed a custom home theater and wanted something more interesting than plain acoustic panels. 3-D Squared was highly recommended to us. They were able to scan our pictures onto the panels and the quality and vibrancy is beyond belief.

Then we wanted something very dramatic for the lobby that would also cut the echo. We had an artist create a custom design and 3D Squared printed it on a 6 foot x 4 foot panel. It is unique and incredible and the echo is gone. Glen was terrific.”

Joanne T., Keymar MD

Maximize Your Home Theater Experience

Your home theater is the perfect place to watch your favorite movies, sporting events or TV shows. A Home Theater designed by our professional staff will seamlessly integrate your A/V equipment with beautiful acoustic friendly décor. To create a successful Home Theater, there are many details that need to be considered before you install your A/V equipment. The sooner we are engaged in the process, the more efficient and cost effective your theater will be.

Your home theater design can complement your existing home décor. However, you may want to consider creating a truly unique space. Your theater represents a wonderful opportunity to showcase your passionate hobby or interest. We have worked on hundreds of theater that showcase a variety of themes including Hollywood, Music, Wine, Sports, Art Deco, Undersea and Outer Space.

If you are more interested in keeping your home theater design simple (and less expensive), we will work with you to create a beautiful room that maximizes your budget.


The Benefit Of Professional Home Theater Design

– Having designed over 500 unique Home Theaters, we have the experience to turn your vision into a reality.

– With over 100 years of combined experience, our team has successfully overcome every design and installation challenge imaginable.

– Glen Hoffman is a trained and juried artist. His creativity and knowledge of Home Theater design will assist you in creating your ultimate theater.

– Our Professional Design Package evaluates and integrates all aspects of Home Theater Design.

– Smaller budget projects are welcome. A series of acoustic art panels can convert any room into an awesome Home Theater.


Comprehensive planning

The first step in designing your room is to engage in a thorough conversation. This helps us understand your vision for your theater. In the initial conversation, we discuss your priorities and how to establish a proper budget for your Home Theater Design.  Once we establish a budget, we can then work on a design that maximizes your investment.

If your theater has already been designed, then we can simply supply whatever products that you need to complete your theater. However, in most cases our clients require some level of design services. For a very basic room, we offer complimentary design services. This basically lets us determine the appropriate size, quantity and location of your acoustic panels. For more complicated rooms, we recommend our Professional Design package. More on this in the next section. If you require design services somewhere in between these two options, we can create a detailed layout at a very affordable price.

Contact us for current pricing for all our products and services.


Professional Design Package

If you are building a new home or are modifying a room in your current home you should considering purchasing our Professional Design package. A successful theater is ultimately dependent on the combined success of all the vendors involved in the project.

This package consists of as a set of drawings and management services that allow for the seamless construction and installation of your theater. It includes the following:

– Acoustic treatments featuring Decorative Acoustic Panels

– Custom layout that integrates all design elements into your unique room dimensions

– Chair layout to maximize your viewing experience

– Planed electrical layout that integrates speakers and lighting into your theater design

– Floor and Ceiling plans

– Sight-line study to make sure your seating has the proper distance and height

– Construction drawings to ensure proper construction of columns, risers, steps and proscenium by our crew or your contractor


Custom Home Theater Design

Have you been dreaming of a home theater design where walking through the door transports you to your favorite city or landscape? We work with several photographers who can provide amazing panoramic images that can help turn any room into your favorite skyline, mountain range, seascape or more.

With our custom home theater design, you can have a ceiling full of shimmering stars, wall lighting reminiscent of Hollywood spotlights and acoustic panels featuring artwork, photography, or custom murals. A home theater space can remain strictly for cinematic enjoyment or serve as multi-function space when you incorporate your décor desires.

Reflect your love of fine wine or vineyards with wall murals on decorative acoustic panels.  You can also use the room for social gatherings featuring wine and cheese tastings. The sound dampening qualities of the room are ideal for softening the din of conversations and create the perfect atmosphere for fun.

3-D Squared can create it for you!

Custom Acoustic Panels

You have probably already noticed that the majority of our projects contain custom acoustic panels. The panels are wrapped in prints made from original art, movie posters or photographs. You can have us customize the colors and sizes of any our original art designs. By just adding a series of acoustic panels with one of these prints, you can instantly turn any room into a fantastic Home Theater.

Experienced Home Theater Installation

Designing a home theater involves many disciplines. Our team has well over 100 combined years in designing, building and installing Home Theaters.  This experience has given us great insight into all the intricate details required to successfully complete a Home Theater.

Like most home based projects, problems can and usually do arise during the installation of a Home Theater. You may not be aware of it, but the vast majority of walls in a room are not perfectly symmetrical. If your theater requires wall to wall acoustic panels combined with crown and base molding, we can guarantee that there will be a need to modify some or all of these items. Our team of professional installers, have installed well over 600 theaters. They have the knowledge and experience to make on-site alterations to any product being installed in your theater.