Movie Poster Acoustic Panels

Home Theater Movie Poster

Acoustic Panel Movie Posters – Example 1


Move Posters Made With Acoustic Materials

Acoustic Panel Movie Posters – Example 2


Movie Poster Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panel Movie Posters – Example 3


Star Wars Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Panel Movie Posters – Example 4


Acoustic Panel Featuring Movie Stars

Acoustic Panel Movie Posters – Example 5


Home Theater Featuring Monster Posters

Acoustic Panel Movie Posters – Example 6

Media Room Movie Poster Panel

Acoustic Panel Movie Posters – Example 7


Acoustic Panel Movie Poster - Titanic

Acoustic Panel Movie Posters – Example 8


Album Art On Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panel Album Art – Example 1


Acoustic Panel Album Art – Example 2


Acoustic Panel Album Art – Example 3

Home Theater Movie Posters

“Glen and 3 D Squared exceeded our expectations as we designed our media room with movie poster acoustical art panels.

The whole process was seamless. Glen answered every one of our emails quickly and in great detail. He was super patient with us as we made our selection. Thanks Glen for your professionalism.”
Ginny M. FL

Acoustic movie poster panels are an extremely versatile home theater product. Large posters can become the focal point of your theater design. While smaller posters can comfortably fit into more challenging wall spaces. Just one or two smaller movie posters can add a terrific cinematic element to your theater. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any distracting reflections from the glass from a typical movie poster frame.

Home Theater movie posters can effectively add some color to a theater designed with neutral colors. For example, an acoustic movie poster panel that contains some red colors will have a stunning effect in a predominantly gray theater.

Many people choose posters form their favorite movies. However, from a design perspective we feel that it’s best to consider how the colors of the posters compliment your existing theater décor.

Please contact us to receive a list of posters that we currently have scanned.

High Resolution Acoustic Movie Posters

Using state of the art scanning techniques, the movie posters are scanned at an extremely high resolution. The resulting file size is at least 75MB.

Experts in image enhancing, we often improve the overall quality of the poster image. We eliminate any flaws in the original print, correct the tones and adjust the color values until we achieve a sharp and vivid image.

The enhanced image is then printed on a quality acoustic friendly fabric. This is a very durable fabric manufactured specifically to receive fine prints. The prints are then wrapped around an acoustic panel. The result is a beautiful movie poster acoustic panel that prevents sound distortion in your room.

Acoustic movie posters work well in other rooms as well. Game rooms or living rooms would benefit both aesthetically and acoustically with the inclusion of the movie poster panels.


Album Cover Acoustic Panels


Showcase your passion for music with a series acoustic panels made from your favorite album covers.  These panels are the ideal addition to your home theater, media room, music room or private studio. They work well in any room that can benefit from a sound dampening product. They give you the added opportunity to enjoy album covers in larger sizes than the original covers.

Please contact us for a list of Album Covers that we currently have scanned.

The superior quality of 3-D Squared acoustic movie and album posters ensure optimal sound control while enhancing the style and décor of your home.