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Office Acoustic Panel Technical Information

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Office Sound Panels

Acoustic Panels In Office To Control Sound For Radio Program


Acoustic Panels For Conference Rooms

Sound Control Panels in Conference Room


Boardroom Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic Panels That Help Support The Corporate Brand


Acoustic Panels For Office Hallway

Office Hallway With Acoustic Panels


Acoustic Panels As Primary Decor in Office


Office Acoustic Panels

Decorative Acoustic Panels For Office Interiors


Acoustic Panels For Reception Area

Reception Area Acoustic Wall Panels


Restaurant Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels partially colorized for Lester’s Diner in Margate, Fl.


Restaurant Sound Control Panels

Restaurant Sound Control Panels


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Restaurant Sound Panels

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Hotel Lobby Acoustic Panels

Sound Control For Your Office or Restaurant

“We at Command Performance AV were recently remodeling our showroom and wanted upscale acoustic panels that would appeal to both men and woman. We wanted a product that was not only functional, but also artistic and could be customized to our needs. After researching acoustic products from all the major vendors, we chose 3-D Squared.

Glen at 3-D Squared developed a custom look for our panels based upon one of his current designs. Glen worked closely with us in producing prototypes until we had exactly what we wanted. Glen was very professional and was a pleasure to work with.”
Falls Church, VA

Acoustic Panels For Your Office

Does your office suffer from any of the below situations?

Open Space Problems : 

You have an open space floor plan and the overall “volume” of the room is too loud.


A series of panels on the outer walls of your office will lower the noise levels of your office.

Conference Room Problems: 

It is hard to understand the dialog in your conference rooms.


Installing a number of acoustic panels on each available wall and/or ceiling will greatly increase your ability to hear clear, crisp dialog. No more excuses about miscommunication in the conference room.

Hallway Problems:

Long, narrow hallways act like an echo chamber for the various offices in these hallways.


A few panel on each wall stop sounds from bouncing back and forth in the hallway.


If you are designing a Conference Room, or any other space in your office, consider integrating a series of our acoustic panels into your design. The panels offer you several unique benefits. First and foremost, they panels absorb the many sounds that are inherent in the work place.  The combination of phones, copy machines and people talking often creates a very loud work environment. The acoustic panels will lower the overall noise level in the office. They will also increase the overall clarity of the dialog in any given room. Furthermore, by reducing the overall noise levels in the office, you create a much more pleasant work space. This can lead to greater employee and client satisfaction and retention.

In terms of decor, the acoustic panels can be wrapped in prints of your logo or other images that compliment your brand or companies “personality”.  Basically they can replace any art or photograph that you wish to include in your office design. You can also choose to use one of our standard fabrics. These come in a variety of colors and subtle patterns.  A series of custom sized panels can be used to design a stunning office interior.

Restaurant Acoustic Panels

Check your reviews, are people complaining about the uncomfortable noise levels in your restaurant? Can and will this negatively affect your revenues?

Problem – Too many hard surfaces in your restaurant

Many modern restaurant designs feature metals, woods, mirrors and hard tiles. Combined they form an echo chamber that can sabotage the dinning experience.


Ideally the best solution is to involve us in the design phase of your restaurant. You can then include acoustic panels in your initial design budget. Our decorative acoustic panels can compliment or become the focal point of your new design concept.

If you have an existing restaurant that is suffering from excessive noise levels at some point you will need to install a series of acoustic panels. If you have limited wall space then look up and see if you have available space on your ceiling. The panels can be mounted directly on the ceiling. They can also be hung floating off the ceiling, perhaps even at different height to make it look more interesting.


If you own or are designing a restaurant, there is a 70% chance that the restaurant will have uncomfortable noise levels. It’s awesome to design a restaurant that looks modern and amazing. However, you must consider how a combination of many hard surfaces negatively affect your patrons overall experience.  Sounds from conversations, music and the kitchen, will continuously bounce off of the hard surfaces of your restaurant. The high noise levels make it difficult to hear a normal conversation. We’ve all been in far too many loud restaurants that make it impossible to have an enjoyable evening.

Excessive noise levels in restaurants are a very common complaint. However, restaurant owners and designers continue to ignore this problem. We offer you a beautiful sound control solution that can become the focal point or at least compliment your décor. If you simply want to hide the acoustic treatments, we have products that can be installed near the ceiling so they don’t become a distraction.